[editor in chief] From deepest and darkest dreams, big hunger came. After tasting some of the most renowned (and those not known at all) death metal acts and being in love with the genre – I was searching for more. Then the technical side of death revealed it’s face to me. Genuine form of art with simply virtuosic instrumental mastery. My soul finally found peace. I watched some important bands grow in strength as well as young blood taken it’s place in this universe. This subgenre vastly grew and still do conquer the next shelves of my purely extreme brain. I keep searching for amazing technique and will continue to the very end… of the genre or my own. This will be a bittersweet end!


[contributor] From a snow covered and metal ridden industrial town came a being dwelling in shadow. This listener to the world beyond became infatuated with death metal a decade and a half after its birth into this world, and took particular interest in the extreme technicality of bands like Origin and Dying Fetus, while also enjoying the progressive stylings of bands like Death, Atheist, and Cynic. This unusual wanderer continues to travel around the world we live in, viewing the actions of mankind yet remaining removed, constantly in search of new metal. When not listening to said transmissions, which the he considers the highest form of human art, he is often said to view horror films, play videogames, and pass his time improving his physical condition. In addition to death metal, the Witness also enjoys black metal, progressive metal, sludge, grindcore, doom metal, and some thrash.


[contributor] Hawaiian shirts, slacks and a broad brimmed fedora accompanied by the latest tech-death band to earn a place in my collection. This is only a sample from a typical day in my life. Despite *almost* being eighteen, I’ve been a genuine death metal fan for a little over two years. Regardless of any other metal excursions, death metal will continue to be my constant. From Suffocation to Cynic, I’m always looking for new bands to love, hate and everything in between. I’m not what most would consider a ‘traditional’ metalhead (nor am I an elitist) and my taste isn’t bound to what other metal fanatics regard as ‘classic’. This also might go without saying, but if you don’t like Gojira or Meshuggah, chances are we won’t see eye to eye musically. Stick around and you may learn more.


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