Review: Pyrrhon – The Mother of Virtues


United States, Experimental Death Metal, Relapse Records

In the field of music covered by TDM there exists a select few bands that create genuinely disturbing music. Descendants from the likes of Demilich and Gorguts, modern groups such as Gigan, Ulcerate, and Portal cause listeners to feel sincerely uncomfortable. By mixing metal, grind, technicality, doom, noisy metallic hardcore, and general all around weirdness, Pyrrhon’s second full-length The Mother of Virtues takes strange a step further – to stark raving madness.pyrrhon

2011’s An Excellent Servant but a Terrible Master stood out from even unorthodox death metal due to an amalgamation of surging old death/doom, mathcore, and creepiness. The Mother of Virtues furthers this style with more unhinging song mechanics and structures. In the twisted world of Pyrrhon, walls seethe and breathe, while spiders with needles for legs traverse them. This gives birth birth to songs like “Balkanized,” which transmits strangeness incommunicable in conventional description. While many utilize Lovecraftian lore, Pyrrhon incarnates into auditory form his indescribable slices of surreality. Continue reading Review: Pyrrhon – The Mother of Virtues

Lazer/Wulf instrumental propaganda!

This is extremely addictive piece of music. I can listen to “The Beast of Left and Right” over and over again. The amount of tempo changes and guitar work is astounding. Progressive yet melodic. In vain of Ron Jarzombek solo albums… elegant and fun musical Art! Go listen and buy their album!

Here You can view their live photos: Lazer/Wulf @ SVARTHEIM.ORG

New Profanity EP out now on Rising Nemesis Records

PROFANITY was founded in 1993. After two demos the first album ‘Shadows to fall’ was recorded and released in 1997. In 1999 the band were signed by the German indie label Cudgel Agency and released both ‘Drowned in dusk’ a 7″ split with Lividity (US), and their second album ‘Slaughtering thougts’. In 2002 PROFANITY recorded the next 7″ called ‘Humade me flesh’ and in the same year the band supported Cryptopsy on their europen tour. PPROFANITY is an underground band that enjoys sharing the spirit of the underground with other bands and friends around the world. Over the years, the band has played a lot of shows and festivals like FTC, PartySan, MOD, Obsene Extreme, Maryland Deathfest and many more. / Source: official website

Last Gridlink record introduces Grind 2.0

The end game, the final unit. The last GRIDLINK record. Recorded over five days in Kyoto, Japan, “Longhena” is a twenty-three minute grindcore opus made real through the emotional ferocity and painstaking calculation of Jon Chang (DISCORDANCE AXIS), Bryan Fajardo (PHOBIA, PLF, KILL THE CLIENT, NOISEAR), Takafumi Matsubara (DISCORDANCE AXIS, HAYAINO DAISUKI) and Teddy Patterson (BURNT BY THE SUN, HUMAN REMAINS, HAYAINO DAISUKI). / Selfmadegod Records

One of the best, technical releases of 2014. Stream and buy here: