Xenocide - Galactic Oppression

Review: Xenocide – Galactic Oppression

Galactic Oppression (2012)

Canada, Self-released, Progressive / Technical Death Metal

Galactic Oppression via Technical Death Metal? Beam Me Up, Xenocide!

I am a sucker for anything cosmically related in metal. The depths of infinity lends itself perfectly to guitar squeals and rubbery bass. In my iTunes I have multiple playlists devoted solely to those technicians that choose to transverse the cosmos.

In contrast, I am rarely on top of upcoming releases from bands I don’t really know about, especially when they aren’t on one of the bigger metal labels. Hence, I stumbled across Xenocide’s Galactic Oppression album purely by accident – like a small spaceship running into some random object the far off, remote galaxy of the internet. But this is no space junk – this debut fell length contains a wealth of captivating technicality, memorable song writing, and stellar musicianship. The engineers of this vessel, a five piece from Vancouver, Canada, describe their music as “galactic death metal” for fans of “astronomy, death metal, and technology.”

Their influences list Origin, amongst others, but I would offer Obscura as a similar sound. Technical but not into the realm of weedly-deedly bands, Xenocide knows when to slow songs down with heavy marches, when to tech out, and when to let rubbery bass licks lead. As a bonus, they even know when to bring in the piano…and acoustic guitars? Yes, apparently planet devouring aliens play acoustic guitars in the depths of space, and appreciate the subtlety of a classical intro or some nice keys to back a world splintering riff.

These Canadian cosmonauts intend to “Harvest souls for Mass Ascension” and “Shed ourselves of corporeal form through Galactic Oppression.” Galactic domination and leaving behind the mortal condition are a lofty goals, but based on the strength of their debut, I wouldn’t doubt that these extra-terrestrials have it in their future. If you aren’t too sure, check out  www.facebook.com/Xenocide to stream the entire album for free (under the “Band Page” tab).  If you find yourself as impressed as I was,  the album can be purchased from their bandcamp page at xenocidemetal.bandcamp.com for a mere 7$ CAD. My personal favorite is “Galactic Oppression,” a sun sized riff fest that rips apart listeners like a black hole tearing through a small moon.

Rating and one-line-metal-verdict:
7/10: Don’t let this debut of cosmic excellence slip by your telescope; its well worth your money and effort.

Here You can listen to the 7 tracks from the album. If You buy it (physical or digital copy), You will get 8th track as well!

Band information and album art found at the official Facebook page, www.facebook.com/Xenocide

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  1. It should be noted that there are 7 tracks for streaming online (youtube/bandcamp/etc). However, if you purchse the album (digital or physical copy) you receive all 8 tracks on the album!

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