Cold Night For Alligators - Ulterior Motives

Is Cold Night For Alligators sound serious?

I’am freshly after listening session with COLD NIGHT FOR ALLIGATORS ep called – “Ulterior Motives“. You can download it for free in high quality mp3 through their official myspace page. After all they’re playing some crazy technical deathcore. Maybe they do not fit here perfectly but they have massive technical influence and there’s no doubt about it. This is not just simple deathcore with stop&go’s. Sure, they have lot of breakdowns which isn’t that good thing (I prefer blasts hehe) but in the same time they can surprise You with jazzy-driven melodies and intense soloing. You should all give them a chance and judge their style by Yourself. Below, You can see their official video for “Tempus Fugit” (“Time Flees”). Enjoy!

“Ulterior Motives”

1. Tempus Fugit
2. Wonderland is in Your Body
3. Beware of the Horse

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